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Understanding Google Ads for Veterinarians

By October 20, 2016September 30th, 2022Veterinary

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): aka Google Ads

In today’s super competitive veterinary market, keeping your website high in search engine rankings is no easy task. But whether your veterinary practice is large or small, Google offers the means for presenting your services in a way that brings relevant users to your site. Veterinary Google Ads is a dynamic tool that can be utilized for this purpose. The ViziSites team has some tips to share with you on how you can take advantage of this technology to get greater exposure and grow your veterinary practice.

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Keyword Analysis:

Google is the world’s largest search engine, used by millions daily to search for products and services. Google Ads uses keyword analysis, available in the Keyword Planner. Using this tool, you can calculate the Google Ads budget for your campaign. By choosing keywords relevant to your business, you direct more traffic to your site. Keywords that are most relevant to your landing page, help increase the quality score.

Write Effective Ads:

The best way to get more conversions is by writing effective ads. Take note of Google’s ad writing policy here. Ads should be promotional, to attract users to your site. As ads limit characters, it is important to be succinct and make sure you insert some keywords from the ad group into the content. When users enter a query in Google using words you’ve targeted, they will be directed to your site through well-chosen, applicable keywords that describe the services you offer.

Ready To Start Your Google Ads Campaign? Some Good Reasons To Go For It:

Veterinary practices can derive real results from a solid PPC campaign. Here is an overview of the benefits of PPC advertising…

  1. The only time you pay for advertising is when a potential client clicks on your ad. That means you have control and visibility of how your marketing strategy is working for you. This is far different from traditional advertising, which costs large amounts of money, and doesn’t always reach your target audience.
  2. Using PPC allows you to set your budget. You can keep a cap on your daily expenditure. You can also make changes at any time. You can start with a budget as little as $5/day to test the waters with. When you feel your campaign is becoming profitable, you can change your budget to increase profitability.
  3. You can appeal to potential clients by writing ads that target their demographic. Extend your reach into surrounding cities with the click of a button! Using Google Ads location targeting allows you to reach specific zip codes at specific times, with the ad that most relates to the users you hope to attract. You are also able to target your audience based on income level, age, and gender.
  4. Though organic search results are important to internet marketing, it takes time to analyze the results. PPC gives you result analysis in real time. This gives you a clear understanding of your ROI.

Before You Start – Some Things You Should Know:

If you’ve read the above information, you might be excited to get started with a Google Ads campaign if you haven’t already. Or you might still have questions before deciding to launch your first ad. Either way, it is important for you to be aware that Google Ads is not an easy tool to employ. Creating and maintaining a Google Ads campaign that consistently translates to profitability requires time and effort, and a considerable amount of technological skill. You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the Google Ads rules and guidelines, and have a strong PPC strategy. Creativity and marketing skills are essential to your success as well.

If you need help getting started, we advise you to employ a trustworthy digital marketing agency who is committed to working with you to get real results that bring increased profits to your veterinary practice. With that said, ViziSites would love to have the opportunity to help you reach your highest potential. Contact us today with any questions and to see if this form of marketing is right for your business!

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