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More than the SSL: Is your website secure?

By November 4, 2019September 30th, 2022Website Guidelines

Is Your Website Provider Securing Your Business Information?

There are many factors to consider in determining whether a website is truly secure. In this article, we focus on Username and Password strength. What is the security standard employed by your website provider? It’s a good idea to ask. Why? Two quick reasons to consider.

1. Repeated Password Vulnerability

Website providers might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to securing your website’s credentials. Usernames and passwords could be repeated across multiple clients for the ease of their own support team and to cut down on the length of build time. This means if one client’s account is compromised (hacked), yours could be, too. Once compromised, this could lead to your website serving questionable content and being flagged by Google, ultimately affecting organic search ranking and the business that comes to you through your site.

2. Password Storage & Complexity

What is your website providers standard when it comes to password strength? Who does your website provider use as an authority when it comes to creating strong Usernames and Passwords?

Some website providers might let such decisions rest with their current developers own reasoning on the topic rather than using official Technology standards and guidelines provided by NIST. NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology by the U.S Department of Commerce. Standards are provided by NIST for companies to use as guidelines when it comes to the length and complexity of Usernames and Passwords.

Want to know more about such standards that you can use as a reference when asking your provider? Here is a good place to start.


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Written by Josh Cumpian, Senior Developer
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