Have you ever wondered why some companies weather the storm while others drown?

Well in 2013, we figured out why and we did something to make the answer accessible to healthcare practice owners.

It all started with Jesse Davis

(the Guy in the Crown Hat).

You see, Jesse got his start in tech at the tail end of the “Dot Com Era.” Small business websites had just begun gaining momentum and Internet Marketing was in its early stages.

Hedging a bet on a new career, Jesse joined the leading internet marketing company for veterinarians in San Diego: VetMatrix. Like the boss that he is, he quickly took them from a few hundred clients to 6,000!

Due to the overwhelming success of VetMatrix, an internet conglomerate acquired the company and Jesse was on to his next adventure in the industry: ProSites. As a consultant at ProSites, he successfully launched their veterinary industry vertical. And it hit him— it was time to take his tried and true expertise and launch his own company, which we so lovingly call ViziSites.

Jesse didn’t want this to be just the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, run-of-the-mill digital marketing company, though. He sought to make it the gold standard in an industry that often fell short in the service department.

Since the market was oversold and under-delivered, he was excited to build a business that would change small businesses for the better with some clear objectives:

Beautiful Design

Create beautiful websites that clients will love.

Bring In Revenue

Make sure these websites bring in revenue for the client and improve their day to day business function.

Proven ROI

Provide tangible evidence that our clients websites’ improve their businesses.

Educate & Service

Improve both the level of education and service the client is getting because boy, was that missing!

So, in a nutshell, Jesse and his co-founder/wife, Rebecca, set out to create pretty websites that actually produced an ROI for their customers!

And just like that…

ViziSites was a multi-million dollar business.


It took many years to get to that point. Years of testing, refining, recruiting, and upgrading our products so that ViziSites could be a force multiplier in various healthcare industries and small businesses.

And we won’t stop! We continue to fill the needs missing from the market, stay ahead of the curve, and bring our clients more revenue using the proven strategies that helped scale the 3 aforementioned businesses!

Whether you need to increase your bottom line or save time in practice, our detailed onboarding process ensures that your business is safe in our hands.

Our Mission

ViziSites: Visible Websites

To provide the best digital marketing experience possible allowing small businesses to focus on their expertise while maintaining a work-life balance for our team that leads to fulfillment.

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