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How to Protect Your Business Using Simple Data Security Techniques

By April 26, 2021September 30th, 2022Business, Website Guidelines

At ViziSites, we place a high value on educating & consulting our clients. Even a small amount of education or training is a protection when it comes to a field you don’t specialize in. Similar to how you want pet parents to know the most common household toxins for their pets, we want you to know some of the common dangers facing your practice.

In this case, knowing how to make your practice more secure can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims.

Did you know the average AVMA PLIT claim is $133,000.00? Take a few moments to look over this Blueprint for Better Security we created in partnership with Lucca Veterinary Data Security, and protect yourself from ever having to make a claim like that!

Learn how to implement each of these steps easily in your practice with a FREE copy of “5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Practice”.

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