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A Personal Letter From Our CEO

By April 28, 2020September 30th, 2022Business, Marketing, ViziSites News

digital marketing stimulus offered by ViziSites

Helping Veterinary Practice Owners Navigate COVID-19, A CEO’s Perspective

Many of our friends and colleagues have asked about ViziSites’ performance through the COVID-19 crisis. Like most business owners, we ended up furloughing a group of consultants which was extremely painful for me to do. Because of this, I permanently lost one of my highest performing team members.

Here is the upside: we qualified and applied for the Cares Act PPP grant/loan. Securing these funds allowed us to immediately rehire our staff. This was a blessing, however, like most organizations we are still having to endure an exceedingly difficult time.

We are in this together and we must find unique ways to stimulate the economy. It is important that we do not submit to overwhelming feelings of loss and, instead, get creative in how we generate revenue for ourselves and our clients.

Having said that, we are going to keep moving!

As the CEO of ViziSites, I’m signing off on the deepest discounts I’ve ever offered. Think of this as a website and marketing stimulus package. In many cases, I’ll be waiving the ENTIRE investment for the build of the website.

We understand that many businesses need to hunker down, however, if your organization is experiencing growth, please reach out.

And if you aren’t experiencing growth, we may be able to SAVE YOU MONEY.

Let’s talk about the following…

  1. Businesses affected by COVID-19: Guidance on updating info on your website and Google My Business. Have you added alert bars, updated your header, or provided local resources & landing pages that are related to local COVID-19?
  2. Managing smart Google Ads campaigns through COVID-19. Do you feel confident that your advertising is set up appropriately during COVID-19?
  3. Are you finding that your provider is nonresponsive at this time? You’re not alone! Many companies simply don’t have the resources to change thousands of websites in a timely manner.
  4. How can you use your PPP funds? ViziSites has worked directly with the number one SBA lender in the United States to secure PPP funds, and more importantly, get answers for our clients. We will point you in the right direction!

I’m available via the contact page of our corporate site here. If you have my cell, feel free to call me directly.


Jesse Davis
CEO, Co-Founder

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