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Three Ways You Can Make Your Veterinary Blog More Engaging

By March 26, 2022August 26th, 2022Veterinary

One of the biggest challenges for veterinarians today is creating an online presence. It’s virtually impossible to run a successful business today without an online presence, but veterinary digital marketing may not be as intuitive as digital marketing is in other fields. Veterinarians usually have a somewhat contained client base, meaning it’s difficult to build your client base after a certain point because your business is stationary. So the key is to ensure that your existing client base keeps coming back consistently, and referring their friends to you.

Much of this comes down to your online presence, and in particular your veterinary blog. Your online presence will keep your business at top of mind and easy to find for pet parents in the area who may have visited your practice once before, and are trying to find you again. A veterinary blog is highly recommended, as it’s an easy way for new clients to find you and old clients to be reminded that they need to schedule that important check-up for their pet. But how do you make your veterinary blog engaging? The last thing you want is for them to become bored with your content. Let’s find out what you should do.

1. Be Informative

In some ways, you may not want to include too much educational information in your veterinary digital marketing. You may feel like it’s counterintuitive to provide your clients with tips on over-the-counter ways to soothe their dog’s itching when you could have them visit your practice for treatment instead. However, if your blog is truly informative it will be more highly regarded by consumers, and they’ll be more likely to share blog posts with each other. This will increase the trust in your brand, and bring in clients.

2. Offer Local Pet Owner Recommendations

Another great way to improve your veterinary digital marketing is by having posts that recommend local opener resources. About 25% of American households own dogs, but your local dog owners may not know the best places to go for supplies or doggy daycare. Even a post about your favorite dog-friendly restaurants in town or the best local dog parks can bring value! They’ll appreciate your advice, and this will build trust.

3. Take A Stance

Make your stances known. If you think that raw dog food is bad, tell your audience! While this may be polarizing and could alienate some potential readers, you could also attract attention by taking a strong stance on debatable topics. Your insight on a debatable topic may help more pet parents trust you as their pet’s care provider.

We understand that it is difficult to make time for a veterinary blog. Talk to our marketing firm about your options – our team work with veterinary practices nationwide to improve their online presence, including with regular blog articles!

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