Custom Logo Design

Your logo is your brand, it represents your service. Are you proud of your logo?

Your logo is one of the first things potential clients will see and notice about your business.

Does it represent the quality of your service? If you do not have a logo, or feel that the one you do have could use a creative touch, we are here to help! Take advantage of our custom logo creation or re-design packages today!

Our Custom Logo Design offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Do you want a professional logo that is as unique as the business it represents? Well, look no further! Our designers are expert logo artists with years of experience in graphic design and are here to perfect your logo—guaranteed, or your money back.

We make the logo creation process very simple for you. By reviewing the following sections on this page, you will get an idea of what appeals to you in a logo. We provide you with high-quality files of your logo in both PNG and JPG format. After reviewing your new logo, if you do not absolutely love it then let us know what revisions you would like made.

What should your logo feel like?

  • Feminine or Masculine?
  • Luxury or Economical?
  • Young or Mature?
  • Modern or Traditional?
  • Playful or Serious?
  • Simple or Complex?
  • Loud or Quiet?
  • Subtle or Obvious?

Envisioning Your Logo…

What colors would you like to have in your logo? Review the following common color associations in Western culture.

Passion, Anger, Vigor, Love, Danger

Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Stimulation

Knowledge, Energy, Joy, Intellect, Youth

Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Success, Growth

Trust, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool

Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination

Fear, Secrecy, Formal, Luxury

Balance, Sophistication, Neutrality

Purity, Healing, Perfection, Clean, Virtue

The options for logos are endless…

Here is a partial list of different layouts we offer:

Word Mark

Your company name in a unique, stylized font (Coca-Cola, VISA).

Pictorial Mark

An image or shape that is easily recognizable (Apple, Nike swoosh, Mercedes symbol).

Letter Mark

Letters/Initials from your business name (McDonald’s [Golden arches M], Calvin Klein [CK]).


Business name enveloped by a pictorial element or shape (Starbucks, Harley Davidson).


A character or mascot is used to represent your business (KFC Colonel, Geico’s Gecko lizard).