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5 Keys to Success in Business

By August 16, 2018September 30th, 2022Business

In a recent interview with Jesse and Rebecca Davis, co-founders of ViziSites, Jesse detailed the things that he attributes their success to thus far. Simply stated, it came down to 5 things. Family, and 4 valuable character attributes: gratitude, a student mentality, consistency, and competition.

Here’s what he said…

My family has been with me during the ups and downs of this entrepreneurial journey. The initial hurdles of running a successful business can be daunting, however, your family and close friends will sustain you. ViziSites is successful because of the strong support of our network.

Gratitude will keep your thoughts positive even when things get very tough. Dealing with negativity and anxiety is very common in the corporate setting. I’ve found that having authentic gratitude eliminates these inferior feelings.

Maintain a student mentality, always learning. Understand that the market is always changing, you must be humble enough to adapt to new ideas and strategies. Have humility and listen to your clients, they are the ones on the ground floor, they will have experienced industry trends before you can act on them. This mindset will keep you in the forefront of other consultants in the industry.

Consistency is key in a world that lacks follow up. Many aspiring businessmen and women give up before reaching their goal. Pick up the phone, make another call, close the deal! This mentality is extremely important for all aspects of our company. Day to day, we work hard to execute with grace and professionalism.

Competition means setting goals and meeting them. If you are not executing, then you are simply not competing. Having deep willpower and the drive to be number one is extremely important. A strong work ethic often comes from the day to day grind of competition.

Interview by Jesse Davis, Co-Founder and CEO
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